Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Matthias Stein headstone - Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee

While looking for the date that Matthias Stein died, I discovered that he's buried in the Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee, and that his gravestone is actually among the historic grave markers in the cemetery:

Matthias Stein, 1808 - 1896
Milwaukee's first gunsmith
I hadn't known that Matthias Stein was Milwaukee's first gunsmith. And according to Forest Home's notes for their historical tour, maybe Matthias's stories of his long walks with Andrew Jackson were true?
4. Matthias Stein, 1808 to 1896
Section 8, Block 11, Lot 8
A mechanic by trade, Stein was Milwaukee’s first gunsmith. Prior to arrival here, he spent three years in Washington D.C. There, he regularly took morning walks, befriending an older gentleman who did the same. Eventually, Stein found out that his walking companion was President Andrew Jackson.
Looking forward to visiting his grave the next time we're in Milwaukee.

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